Born from a desire to create beautiful, thought-provoking spaces, AP Design House is founded on the philosophy that timeless design is an effortless balance of comfort and beauty.


An award-winning multidisciplinary design studio specialising in highly crafted residential and commercial interior design, AP Design House, located in Sydney’s majestic Woollahra, curates, educates and enriches.


With a considered aesthetic that manifests warmth and character and responds to place and person, interior designer, Alexandra Ponting creates a stunning narrative, adding and omitting, refining and layering, knowing when nothing more, or less is needed.


With an appreciation of contemporary elegance, Ponting’s work is imaginative and offers an exceptional point of view through her expert acquisition of worldly antiques and art and her impeccable use of form and texture.


Fostering relationships with craftsmen, artisans and tradesmen, AP Design House creates highly functional, endearing spaces that acknowledge and celebrate life, work, and home.


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