Based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, AP Design House is a small, award-winning, multidisciplinary studio specialising in highly crafted residential and commercial interior design projects. With an appreciation of contemporary elegance, Interior Designer, Alexandra Ponting, has a sophisticated style that effortlessly blurs the line between comfort and beauty.

At AP Design House, we understand that every client has a story. We believe the spaces they live in and the pieces they surround themselves with should all be part of that narrative.


Our role? To curate, educate and enrich. We walk our clients through the sometimes complicated design process to arrive at a place they often didn’t know existed. 

With a considered aesthetic that is all about warmth and character and responding to place and person, AP’s interiors are designed to evolve with a sense of ease. At the core of every AP Design House project are our relationships – with clients, craftsmen, tradesmen, and artisans – and our approach is always informed and inclusive.


We enjoy the detail of process. . .  adding and omitting, refining and layering – knowing when nothing more, or less, is needed. The result is absolutely stunning, functional spaces that acknowledge and celebrate life, work, and home.


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